Asset management company

Since the beginning of 2013, after the start of the Custom Support Service, there was a 75% reduction in the number of incidents related to databases and systems running on Progress OpenEdge technology.

Environment characteristics:

  • 400 users located in various offices in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Santa Catarina;
  • Environmental Management of nine companies, totaling 120 Gb of data in MS-Windows environment running ERP Totvs;

Medical diagnostic company

Since June 2014, after the start of the Custom Support Service, based on the environmental Proactive Management, it was performed a database tuning with a performance gain of approximately 30%.

Environment characteristics:

  • 2,600 users based in several states in the country;
  • 2.5 TB of data in HP-UX environment running both ERP Totvs as legacy systems;
  • Contingency environment configured with Progress OE Replication solution.

Publishing company

Following migration and database tuning for Linux environment, starting from Windows environment, DLC delivered a performance gain of approximately 40%. In addition, it implemented Progress OE Replication solution for all group companies.

Environment characteristics:

  • 700 Gb of data in Linux environment running ERP Totvs;
  • 11 companies;
  • Users located in various states of the country;

Plastics Artifacts industry

The implementation of database tuning made possible for performance gains of approximately 45% in the accounting and monthly closings processes.

Environment characteristics:

  • 600 Gb of data in HP-UX environment running ERP Totvs;
  • Users based in 12 sites in the countryside of the State of Sao Paulo.

Self-Service Chain Management company

The accountability management system implementation and electronic approval of documents in a Web environment provided greater integration between the operational and management areas enabling a single, integrated access to the company’s ERP.

The deployment of these systems has made the entire process of expenses integration, approval and payment more agile and fast, given that there is no longer the need to access the ERP so that the entire process can be performed.

Indirectly, there was an increase in the ERP data safety since it is no longer required for the common user to access the ERP to perform the settlement of advance payments and / or travel expenses.

There was also a significant gain in both the supply chain and suppliers’ payment processes as the compliance with corporate governance guidelines.

Serves the entire management and senior management area of the company.

Chemical industry

Development of several systems integrated to the manufacturing, billing, shipping and receiving processes. These integrations increased the speed of a specific manufacturing process of one of the company’s site. In addition, it lead to greater control and reduced load and discharge cargo time in the freight forwarding process of all the company’s factories.

In carrying out the trucks entrance in the company’s reception with its data previously programmed, it is possible to determine the total time between the trucks’ entrance, the merchandise release, its loading and delivery to the customer. Thereby, in case of any delay in any of the steps it is possible to perform real-time intervention.

The developed systems even enable invoicing integrated with weighing scales.

This system currently serves users located in various offices in the states of Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia.

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