DLC provides targeted solutions for your company’s management, streamlining operational and management processes.

Accountability Portal

Meets all companies that perform advance payment or reimbursement of travel expenses to their employees. When registering everyday expenses through the Accountability Portal, from any device with an Internet connection, the entire process of costs integration, approval and payment becomes more agile and fast.

Key features:

  • Inclusion and maintenance of advance payments;
  • Documents issuance for management approval;
  • Inquiry of requests’ history for costs reimbursement;
  • Settlement of advance payments;
  • Issuance of expenses report;
  • Inquiry of advance payments pending reimbursements query;

Document Approval Portal

Meets all companies with approval processes for financial or logistical documents. By allowing the documents’ approval from any device with an Internet connection, DLC accelerates both the supply chain processes as the suppliers’ payment processes, meeting the prerequisites from corporate governance guidelines.

Key features:

  • Approval or disapproval of the widest array of financial and logistical business documents;
  • Unique and easy to visualize cockpit and documents detailing;
  • Inquiry of approvals’ historic from each document individually;
  • Approval hierarchy of control;
  • Inquiry of documents pending approval;