With a DBA’s team continuously trained in the latest versions of Progress OpenEdge database, we provide various database management services.
With deployment experience in the largest and most complex technological environments, we ensure performance and stability in your company’s applications.

Personalized Support Service

Ensure your application’s stability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the Personalized Support Service (PSS). Through the proactive environment management, DLC aims to provide high availability for applications running on Progress OpenEdge technology. It also offers a team to perform emergency calls at anytime of the day. Plans for improvements and maintenance of the database environment are performed continuously, guaranteeing an always current and stable structure.

Database and Application Tuning

Extract the finest performance provided by your environment using the guidelines and metrics standardized by the professional services sector of Progress Software.

Progress OE Replication Implementation

Install and configure your contingency environment to guarantee the continuity of your company business utilizing Progress OE Replication.

Progress OE Database Auditing Implementation

Our professionals will assist you to implement the native auditing of the Progress OpenEdge database in accordance with SOX regulations.
The Progress OE auditing core service is inviolable and secure, ensuring data consistency. It can be defined according to your company’s business rules.

Progress OE Management Implementation

Install and configure the ultimate tool for proactive management of your Progress OpenEdge environment.

Environmental Diagnosis

Find out whether your databases are utilizing all available resources in their environment and in the most recent versions of Progress OpenEdge. Our professionals will analyze your applications and databases performance, making sure that the best programming and database structuring practices are currently being used.